GM3SEK ‘Odd-Boards’ for Sale

I often have small numbers of PC boards left behind from earlier projects, because there was a fixed order quantity of 10 (which was still cost-effective). This page is a way to pass those extra boards on to any other experimenters who may find them useful.

Prices will be minimal (largely overheads and postage) but support will be minimal too – usually just a blog article with a circuit diagram and perhaps a parts list. Most will also involve SMD construction.

Relay pulser topside  24V Relay Board – details here.
CAUTION: before ordering, check that your “24V” relays actually can hold-in at 12V!
(Also allow some margin for supply voltage tolerances and the voltage drop across D2). 

£1.00 each + £1.00 p&p to anywhere
Click Buy Now and then select quantity – max qty per order = 4.
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