Clean Up Your Shack – 2019

The online follow-up to my talk for the 2019 RSGB Convention.

3 chokes

What’s new since 2015

  • Choke Chart and RadCom Plus article by Steve Hunt G3TXQ (SK)see separate blog entry below
  • Revised Choke Cookbook by Jim Brown K9YC
  • Large Fair-Rite #31 core
    These are a game changer!  
    See ordering details below.


  • Constant changes in the prices of ferrite cores (but still the same Best Buy supplier)
  • Updated Whole-Shack Mains Filter



  • Extended slide pack (PowerPoint) includes more slides showing how to build the updated Whole-Shack Mains Filter.
  • View ‘Clean Up Your Shack 2015’ (YouTube) for more detailed background.
  • Slides from my 2010 talk about chokes and baluns  to drill deeper into that subject.

Fair-Rite 0431177081 snap-on core

Not cheap, but well worth it. If RF noise threatens to take your hobby away, then surely it’s worth something to get it back?

  • Manufacturer’s data  Ignore the photograph – this biggest bead doesn’t look like that.
  • Current Best Buy supplier – and always near the top of the list –  is
    Again, ignore the photograph, trust the part number.
    Notice the big price break at quantity 10. This makes an ideal club purchase.
    UK prices are in GB£ but do not include VAT. However, that is all you have to pay. Three-day FedEx shipping from the USA is streamlined and free for orders over £50+VAT.

Parts list for the Whole-Shack Mains Filter

  • Packaged 15A or 16A mains filter, single phase, 250VAC rated.
    UPDATED Within 2 days of publication, the Roxburgh RES5-15 filter from Farnell was sold out! The specific type of mains filter is not critical, so instead let’s try the Schaffner FN2030-16-06 (also from Farnell, but currently over 3000 in stock).
  • Large Fair-Rite core 0431177081: Mouser (see above) or Farnell
  • Qty 2, Fair-Rite oval core 2643167851: Mouser or Farnell
  • Plastic box CE-TEK GR17012 to fit the above parts: CPC  EN84544
  • Qty 2, plastic cable glands, 5-10mm size: CPC CBBR7352
  • At least 3m of 3-core 2.5mm² mains flex, 90ºC rated: eBay, eg here
  • 13A socket strips to meet your requirements
  • 13A plugThe maximum total current supplied to all sockets is 13A, limited by this plug.


3 thoughts on “Clean Up Your Shack – 2019

  1. Peter

    Good day

    I attended the RSGB Convention and was pleased to be able to see your presentation on cleaning up the shack. I learnt a lot, and will be implementing many of your suggestions.

    Recently I had decided to renew my coax feeders, and bought some Messi and Paolini Ultraflex 7 to do this with. From the data sheet, the minimum advised curvature in multiple bends is 68mm, giving coax loop diameters of 136mm, which might be acceptable at the antenna feed-point, but would be somewhat cumbersome at the point where the feeder leaves the radio. I intend to use 2 stacked FT240-31 toroids for the choke formers. I wondered therefore if RG58 which can be encouraged to a smaller diameter would be suitable for the choke construction, or perhaps you would suggest I should invest in some of the thin Teflon coax. In either case, the choke for use at the radio end would have to have connectors at each end in order to ‘splice’ it into the feed line. I have always tried to avoid unnecessary connectors in the feedline as I understood they would be sources of potential problems. Is the benefit likely to outweigh any issues that an additional 2 connectors in the feedline might provoke? (Maximum feedline length is 45m)

    I usually work at 10W, with ocasional forays to 100w, and only rarely 400W. My location is semi-rural, and although I am not as plagued with nose as some of the recent correspondents to RadCom have indicated, anything to help seems to be a good idea. As I am making a change to my feeders, I would like to do the job just once, but properly.

    Thank you for your talk, and the links to the other aspects of the topic.



    1. GM3SEK Post author

      Hello Peter

      Glad that you enjoyed the talk, and I’m sorry it wasn’t possible to be there in person.

      At the power levels you normally use, I would be inclined to wind the chokes with RG58. It will allow you to wind more compact chokes and will also handle 400W for occasional use. Don’t worry too much about connectors – good connectors, correctly fitted and well waterproofed, should never be a problem.

      73 from Ian GM3SEK



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